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President's Report

The longer I stay in a volunteer leadership position for the PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter, the more I realize how important the advancement of project management in the local community is to me.

I enjoy hearing about the progress inidividuals are making in their jobs as project managers. I enjoy hearing about the progress of local organizations building out project management offices and becoming more standardized with their approaches. And I enjoy hearing about the spread of agile throughout so many organizations.

Being in the midst of all of this advancement and having encircle me, I don't always take moments to appreciate how far we have come. As I write this article, I am now taking the time to reflect on it, though. Thus, I am very excited to think about where we were a few years ago, where we are now, and where I think we can be in a few years from now.

As for the rest of 2016, I am excited to continue down our path of growth through engagement and excitement. We even have multiple Events in several months to come targeting different people. We are even exploring using multiple venues for different meetings. The Initiatives that are continuing to blaze a path include the following:

Kaitlyn Sussex, as the Academic Outreach Initiative Leader, continues to have PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter involved in a variety of Events and Activities at St. Petersburg College. More relationships are building with other local educational institutions and other St. Petersburg College campuses, which should draw a different group that can become engaged and help us build upon the progress we have made at the EpiCenter.

Leila Castellanos as the Military Outreach Initiative Leader, with help from Sarah Reper, has scheduled the Military Transition Workshop that Dr. Eric Schmidt will be leading on October 18th.

Anthony Aguilar as the Networking Initiative Leader played a minor role in organizing the "Across the Bay" Networking Event in Tampa, which had great success. Anthony played a major role in organizing the "Relax and Link Up" Networking Event scheduled for downtown St. Petersburg in September designe to help bring people together and learn about what they are doing to demonstrate any of their efforts to advance project management in the local community. Sometime later this year, we will also be hosting our "Speed Networking" to give people a different taste of what networking can be like.

Leila Castellanos as the Military Outreach Initiative Leader, with help from Sarah Reper, has scheduled the Military Transition Workshop that Dr. Eric Schmidt will be leading on October 18th.

Sarah Reper and Leila Castellanos also teamed up to build out the Member Orientation Initiative, which started on June 14th just before the Chapter meeting. The results were fantastic and we look forward to continuing on.

Charlie Rogg as the Charity Up! Initiative Leader has established some relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Emergency Management. The next step is to organize our members and others who can help with these organizations to make a difference and spread the word of why project management principles and guidelines are important for everyone.

Ashley Westfall as first Champions Program Ambassador presented information to a group of Jabil individuals who were attending an Agile training session. We are awaiting the results of this first attempt to continue to build awareness and establish another conduit to reach people who are helping to advance the field of project management in the local area.


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Initiative Update - Member Orientation

Thank you for joining the PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter.

To learn more about what the Chapter is involved in and what you get out of being a member, please come to an Orientation Meeting. Please reach out to Sarah Reper, Initiatve Leader for Member Orientation, and Leila Castellanos, VP of Membership, to learn about when the next Orientation Meeting is going to be.

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Initiative Leader - Women in Project Management

Women are more than half the workforce today while only approximately 17% to 30% of project leaders are women. And since most major objectives and breakthroughs to advancement are completed as projects, it only makes sense to do our part in the local community to help women take leadership roles in projects.

The purpose of the Women in Project Management Initiative is to celebrate project management achievement by women and encourage more young women starting their careers to get into project management.

We intend to get local leading businesses involved as they have women project managers that should be showcased. We also intend to get local women to attend in order to build the confidence levels about the opportunities in the local area in the project management profession. We also intend to get local leaders to attend in order to appreciate women in the local area who deserve to take on new opportunities in the project management profession.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we organized a typical Chapter meeting presentation that highlights the advance of women in project management over time and a look to the future to help women gain more opportunities.

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