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President's Report

To my fellow PMI Suncoast chapter members, volunteer leaders, and friends:

As many of you know, after the past few years of serving as your Chapter President, today will be my official last day, before I move into my role as Past President. With that, I come with words of gratitude.

It is truly overwhelming to write these words and reflect on the time I have spent serving each and every one of you as your leader, but I transition forward optimistically, knowing this Chapter is in the most capable of hands. Anthony and the rest of the 2020 Board of Directors are truly special and our Chapter will continue to grow and do great things with their leadership.

To the chapter members: I look back on my time as your leader with so much pride. I have loved my role at the heart of our Suncoast community. To have engaged either directly or indirectly with you has been an incredible experience. Significant accomplishments and transformations have been achieved over the past few years, but it is the incomparable passion of our members and volunteers fills me with warmth and positivity of what is to come.

To my fellow volunteers, both current and past: You have been my family and home for a significant part of my professional life. You have been the reason that I serve. That I have gotten to spend this time working with people so inspiring, creative, and tenacious, has been one of my life’s biggest blessings. I am thrilled to see what we have helped to build together and I cannot wait to continue to serve alongside of you for the days to come.

Looking forward, I intend to maintain my roots in the Chapter as your Past President for the rest of the year and welcome an ongoing connection with each and every one of you. Until we see each other again.

Thank you for allowing me the honor,


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