Reporting PDUs

PMPs are required to earn and document continuing Professional Development Units (PDUs) in order to retain their PMP status. PMPs must accrue a minimum of 60 PDUs every three years.

Overview information for submitting your PDUs:

This information applies to PDUs earned from participating in PMI Suncoast Chapter events. For events from other organizations, please contact that organization to determine information which applies.

When you are ready to register your PDUs with, please have the following information ready:

  1. Your PMI Number and login for
  2. PDU category: Cat A
  3. Activity type: Report a Component 1-2 PDU Event (for Breakfast, Dinner and Toastmasters Meetings. Classes will have an Activity Code )
  4. Component ID: C004 (C-zero-zero-four)
  5. Component name: PMI Dallas Chapter
  6. Activity date completed: date of meeting or class
  7. Activity Title: Title of meeting or class.  ("Official title" not needed, but give some detail - ex. Monthly Dinner Meeting, June Monthly Dinner Meeting, Chapter Dinner Meeting, etc.)
  8. Number of PDUs Claimed: see below

Number of PDUs:

  • 1 for dinner and breakfast meetings
  • 2 for Toastmasters meetings
  • 2 for Vendor Showcase.
  • PDUs for classes or seminars are either given to you in class, or printed on the certificate you receive at completion. They will also likely have a specific Activity Code.

Here are brief videos showing you how to record your PDUs:

Here are some helpful documents that explain how record your PDUs: