Volunteer Opportunities

Suncoast Board Strategic Planning Session   
PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter Board Strategic Planning Session

PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter has a number of volunteer positions available. We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with Chapter Sponsorship. If you are considering volunteering for one of the chapter's board or committee positions, we encourage you to contact Wendy Peacock, PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter Volunteer Chair at Wendy.Peacock@PMI-FloirdaSuncoast.org.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Project Management Institute. Become a part of the movement to improve project management. Click here to watch a video about volunteering with PMI.

When you volunteer, you can qualify for PDUs. Click here to open a new window showing the PMI web site with a description of qualifying activities and number of PDUs you can earn.


Board Members Wanted

The PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter is looking for energetic people to help us achieve local goals.

The following elected PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter Board of Directors positions are available:

  • President Elect (1 year term, 3 year commitment; 1 year President Elect, 1 year President, 1 year President)

    • Successor to the President - ‘President in Waiting’ for 1 term; elected volunteer who will assist the President with his or her duties of managing the PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter and assume the role of the Chapter President if the President is unable to perform duties for any reason.

Initiative Leaders Wanted

Option 1
Are you passionate about a topic that you think will help promote Project Management in our community? If you answered “Yes”, then this may be the right option for you!

Option 2
Don’t have an idea but want to pick up one that our board of directors has deemed important? If you answered “Yes”, then this may be the right option for you! Here is a sampling of some initiatives that currently don’t have leaders:

  • Social Media Leader - Consistently promote PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter Events and Activities supporting the various Initiatives using a variety of social media outlets.


  • Leader Marketing Agent - Gather Board Member and Initiative Leader bios, pics, videos and post to the PMI Florida Suncoast web site and work with social media to increase exposure.


  • Sponsorship & Fundraising Leader - Identify prospective sponsors and Events and Activities to generate funds to support other project management advancement Initaitives.


Support an Ongoing Initiative or Upcoming Event

Want to be part of a team of excited, motivated, and passionate PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter members who are currently leading an initiative or planning an event? Here are some that would benefit from your support:

  • Charity Up! - Helping other philanthropic organizations in our local community to build awareness of PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter and help them be more effective at managing their projects.


  • Exam Prep Study Groups - Organizing and facilitating (and possibly participating if you are also pursuing a certification) some people who are on the path to taking an exam and want to build their confidence by working together to review sample exam questions.


  • Military Outreach - Promoting Events and Activities to ensure we reach the most ex-military so that we can help as many as possible transition into the civilian workforce with project management to help them grow their skills and expertise.


  • Golf Outing - Find individuals or organizations and companies who are interested in participating as golfers, donate items to raffle, sponsor golf outing activities, and help make the Event a success on the day that it happens.


  • Champions Program and PMO Leadership Summit - Become the representative of PMI Florida Suncoast Chapter within an organization and have a leader of the organization participate in the sharing of ideas that make all PMOs in the area better able to be successful.


If you are interested, please contact Wendy Peacock (Wendy.Peacock@PMI-FloridaSuncoast.org).



A Message from One Who’s Been There - By Regina McGrew

Looking for opportunities to network and/or earn additional PDUs in project management? A great way to earn PDUs quickly while developing your project management skills and networking with other project management professionals is to join one of our Special Project Committees.  A popular misconception is that by joining a Chapter Committee the time commitment expected of you would be more than you have to spare in your busy schedule. Another reason you might delay volunteering is that it might become a never ending responsibility when you only intended to commit to a task for a specific period of time.  How about the fear of the unknown?  If you haven’t done a task before, do you sometime feel that you couldn’t possibly be effective at seeing the task through to a successful completion? Whether you are new to project management or a seasoned professional, the Suncoast Chapter of PMI wants to work with you.

At some point, we’ve all pondered what to do next in our career.  Stop for a moment to reflect on the past year.  Did you ever wonder…?

  • What classes you should take to increase your knowledge of industry processes?

  • How would joining an organization foster career development?

  • What skills are most sought after in the market and how you could obtain the experience?

  • How you would be able to earn the necessary PDUs to keep your PMP certification valid?

The list of questions could go on and on, but the great news is that the answer to many of your questions can be found here – your Suncoast Chapter of PMI.

I would be the first to admit, seeking out new opportunities can be mentally overwhelming at times.  I remember a few years back when I decided to join the Chapter Board.  I didn’t know what to expect but I did know that I was WILLING to try something new to see where it would lead me personally and professionally.  I am excited to tell you that almost all of my reservations about the commitment and my fear of the unknown were quickly relieved when I learned that I would be working with individuals who were interested in helping me succeed and furthering my career in project management.  Within the chapter, I have found several mentors who were eager to share their knowledge.  And heck, I wasn’t even looking for that but what a pleasant surprise!  I even taught a couple of Exam Prep classes…It took a lot of coaxing to get me to do it (especially that first time) but the beauty of it…??? A whopping 10 PDUs a class!!!!  Oh, and that great feeling I got when I realized that my abilities were stronger than my fears.  That was priceless.

I would like to encourage each and every one of you to consider how volunteering might enhance your development, especially as it relates to your career in project management.  If you are shy or somewhat hesitant…just seek out an existing Board Member or Chapter Volunteer! We would be absolutely delighted to work with you at some point during the year as we continue to move forward in project management.

Benefits of being on the BoD - just my opinion - By Becky Hartman

Every PMI Chapter has a Volunteer Board of Directors that handles the business of the Chapter. The most important business we have is serving the Chapter Members by providing value in various ways.  One way we provide value is in the volunteering opportunities we make available to our Membership. There are several benefits from volunteering and some you may have never considered. Volunteering is definitely a personal choice and we all benefit when someone does volunteer but not necessarily in all the same ways.

I joined PMI and the Suncoast Chapter in January of 2010. Immediately after passing my PMP exam, I became more involved with the chapter as a volunteer. Initially, I was the Director of Programs which progressed to VP of Programs. The following year I became Chapter President and have served for approximately two years in this capacity. My next step is to serve as Past President for the Chapter beginning  in April of this year.

I chose to become a volunteer because I wanted to be actively involved with the Chapter, meet other Project Managers so I could find a mentor and additionally, I was looking for a job as I had been laid off a few months earlier. I accomplished most of the aforementioned goals as well as earning the necessary PDU's that are required for all PMPs to maintain their certification with PMI.  However, these have been the least of what I have gained in volunteering process. Below is a list of benefits I have personally gained from volunteering. This list is indeed, "what's in it for me"!

  • I have made many connections to incredible professionals all around the world both in and out of PMI by serving on the Board of Directors

  • I have learned how a Board of Directors operates and importance of operating within the charter and bylaws of the board

  • I have learned how hard it can be to write bylaws and try to consider all vantage points while doing so

  • I have learned, from both inexperienced as well as highly seasoned PMs, the business of working with people in diverse situations and from diverse backgrounds

  • I have had the opportunity to learn from, and be inspired  by, the many presenters we have had in our Chapter meetings as well as at Regional and National PMI events

  • I have gained true friendships that I know will last my lifetime

  • I have connected people to employers that resulted in a positive outcomes for both

  • Additionally, I have been provided the opportunity to improve my skills in public speaking, professionalism, patience and humor - I laugh at myself a lot!

I highly recommend becoming involved in some capacity within our Chapter. We are further developing our wants/needs list to provide you with clear opportunities to volunteer. Whether you assist only once or you move to a long term role it is an experience not to be missed. You may find, as I have, that it benefits you in ways you never expected!